(Pre-order) Metal Flamers

Regular price $235.00

Hey folks,

Metal Flamerthrowers. Completely modeled by me with HEAVY feedback by my good friend @Jurassic_Fett 

Special pre order pricing of 235$.

Price will increase once the pre order run is closed. 

Very easy assembly, most everything is threaded or will attach via the screws provided. 

The clear machined tip will need to be attached via some sort of adhesive(not provided) 

Pictures below show a resin prototype mounted on a FP gauntlet. Also a comparison between my new block, and the FP block to illustrate the difference in size. Our new flamethrower has a smaller overall profile.

Turnaround time is. about 1-2 months. I want to give us enough time to ensure the prototype is perfect and make any necessary revisions to ensure. there are no flaws.

NOTE: This is a manufacture photo that shows our flamer roughly assembled.

 Once I receive the prototype ill take some better pics/videos of the installation.

This Flamethrower is also part of my deluxe gauntlet preorder, which still has a few remaining spots open.