MinuteMade Armor ABS PLASTIC

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MinuteMade armor, by minutefett

Prototypes pictured.

So...where does this armor come from? Several lineage pieces make up these armor kits, including the shoulders, knees, kidney plate, and collar, with demonstrable provenance to original production assets. The chest and ab pieces were made from the RotJ SE armor using photogrammetry, a process much like 3D scanning which uses cutting-edge, sophisticated software to create 3D digital twins of real world objects from photographs. The cod and back are re-sculpts of existing pieces, updated for accuracy and to fit with the lineage pieces. The results are STAGGERINGLY accurate! Everything was cleaned up and restored by me to bring you what I believe to be the most accurate armor ever made available, and will be for some time, if not forever! Made from white ABS plastic. 

Delivery expected early October. 


You will receive:

Chest pieces



Back plate



Aluminum strip for the diamond